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Getting a pedicure is one of the best pampering treatments for your feet. A pedicure makes your feet look cleaner and prettier.


Manicure plays a vital role for your whole hands and makes them healthier, stronger, prettier with well cared nails.


Waxing is always a part of the beauty regime that helps in obtaining and maintaining flawless skin.


Well groomed and polished nails boost your self-confidence and make you more beautiful, stylish and professional. For people with healthy nails

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Customer Testimonials


This place has been my favorite to get my nails done at since they opened. It’s the best nail salon that I’ve ever been to. Quality service and products, they check everyones nails before they leave and will not let[…..]

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If you want to have the best nails these is the place is worth driving 40 minutes to get my nails done. The place is clean they are very friendly and they have the best designs ever.

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Jessica C. Feehan

Envy nail spa is the BEST nail salon I have ever been to. I come home every other weekend from school in North Jersey just so I can get my nails done here. It is immaculate inside and the staff[…..]

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