GeekiMedia – A powerful digital marketing company we have behind.

There are many digital marketing companies out there. However, to pick the right one from the endless list proved to be tough for our human resources team at Envy Nail Spa. That was before we landed on the web page of GeekiMedia ( They were the perfect digital marketing partner for our company. We researched a little before hiring them for our digital marketing needs. So glad we chose them!

At Geekimedia, every client gets the utmost attention. With their 24*7 customer care and impeccable services, they took a huge workload off our team. Our online media presence improved drastically with GeekiMedia entering in our lives. Still helping us to fulfill our dreams by consistent support, we would love to give them more than the maximum stars!

GeekiMedia worked with us very closely on the following digital marketing issues:

• Our social media visibility was almost negligible. We hardly had any followers on our Facebook page or Twitter profile. Even LinkedIn and Instagram were totally dead before we hired GeekiMedia.
• Our website design was dull, unattractive and hardly had any pictures. Also, we were not able to generate any traffic on our website before hiring GeekiMedia.
• Our team at Envy Nail Spa is efficient in its work but were lost when it comes to the implementation of Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.

What visible changes came only after few days of working with GeekiMedia?

Well, GeekiMedia was quick to provide us with a complete Facebook page makeover. It included a new and stylish cover photo and a profile image and filled our social web pages with new and exciting posts, along with attractive and innovative graphic designs.
Revamping our entire website by providing web designs for five new landing pages, writing quality content for our blogs and updating our location page with address and location finder they had it all covered. We almost felt pampered by all the attention and their helpful attitude. They even successfully helped grew our clientele in five different cities by using the appropriate digital marketing tools. How good they were at generating the relevant traffic and diverting it to our web page cannot be stressed enough.
Now only one thing was left, and we decided that we at Envy Nail Spa cannot find anyone better than GeekiMedia to do it. So we handed them our Facebook Advertising campaigns and Google Adwords Campaigning as well, this was the best decision our team had ever made. Our online campaign was a huge success. No one could have given us better and more useful services.

Why choose GeekiMedia?

Although our team could have jotted down a hundred points individually but due to the limitation of time let me just mention five crucial points which set them apart from the rest.
• They want your money to be spent wisely. At Envy Nail Spa, the client’s money is treated like an asset. Nobody could spend it with more care. It is because they treat client’s money as an asset to be made and developed not destroyed.
• They ask intelligent questions. You must be wondering why that is important. The correct question to ask here would be what questions they ask which set them apart. Getting an insight into your client’s mind and understanding it well is the key to delivering well. It was like GeekiMedia people were reading our minds. They understood the anatomy of our workplace and knew who to approach for whom; they understood our requirements regarding social media visibility. It was all under control.
• It is a ridiculously brilliant team. We think everyone at GeekiMedia is excellent at what they do. Everyone was well informed and updated about our work and played their part to perfection. How effective their team was, was proven by the results they achieved for us. If they had recruitment process outsourcing department, our team would have gladly hired them for future recruitments as well.
• Being exceptionally professional, their team is result-oriented and work long hours if required for you to see results.
• Our industry is extremely competitive and has a large pool of qualified and unemployed people looking for work. In such a scenario to be hired and spotted by the potential clients throughout the world is very difficult. GeekiMedia made it sound like a Day’s work and impressed us all with their hard work and innovative methodology to provide optimal solutions to our harrowing problems.

Every company is looking for a way to connect with the clients and GeekiMedia is the perfect partner for you to achieve that via Digital Marketing. In the end, we at Envy Nail Spa would like to thank GeekiMedia for their commendable work and would definitely refer them to our friends and clients looking for any digital marketing related help.


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