Should I Get Artificial Nails (Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails) or Not?


In manicure pedicure industry, artificial nail is one of the most significant inventions. However, some people still feel confused when stepping into a nail salon and have to decide between artificial and natural nails. Today, we will give an overview of this issue to help you tackle down your confusions.

The Reasons For Keeping Your Natural Nails.

If you choose a regular manicure, you can remain the natural looking of your nails, and they still can be beautiful when well-polished with a simple design. Natural nails are less controversial; they help you to avoid curious stares as some people may feel a sense of objection when looking at long artificial nails. Moreover, it’s easier and faster to perform a manicure on your hands. It takes about 20 minutes for a regular manicure or over 30 minutes for a gel manicure. You will feel more comfortable than having heavier artificial nails.

Natural Nails and Its Disadvantage.

The only problem of natural nails is its short-time durability. Polish on natural nails chips off faster. If natural manicures are preferred, you might have to visit nail salons more often.

Why Should I Get Artificial Nails?

Artificial nails help to embellish your hands, express your styles and personality. Nail designs are mainly created for artificial nails; there are many styles and options so you can easily find the one that symbolizes your character in particular occasions.

The Disadvantage of Artificial Nails

However, using artificial nails are disadvantageous in some ways. Fake nails such as gel nails and acrylic nails require more maintenance. The process may get involved professional removal or regular fill-in as nails grow longer. Whenever you apply or remove artificial nails, your nails will be damaged temporarily. Therefore, artificial nails are not recommended if you want a manicure for impermanent occasions.

Who Are Preferable To Artificial Nails?

On some people where their nails are too thin, and nail beds are short then keeping the natural nails might not be the right choice. Regular nail polish or gel polish won’t stay long on these type of nail surface; nails are easily cracked, or polish quickly chipped off. If you find yourself coming to nail salons to fix these problems too often, more than two times a month then artificial nail is the appropriate solution for you.
A set of acrylic nails if done right by an experienced nail tech could last up to a month without any problem. It is a much more economic option comparing with an unstable 2-weeks gel manicure.

Who Are Preferable To Natural Nails?

If you are lucky to have healthy nails as nail beds are long and thick, a lovely gel polish manicure would be a better choice. A regular manicure can last over two weeks; it is popular at any nail spa.

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With the above information, we hope you have figured out your choice of a manicure. Natural and artificial nails are both beautiful, consider the physical status of your nail for the selection of best.


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