At Envy Nail Spa, we always try our best to provide the best services by prioritizing customer’s well-being before our benefits. The products we use for customers are all healthy and prestige from famous brands such as Harmony, Qtica, OPI, CND, BCL Spa…..
We offer 3 main services regular manicure-pedicure service, spa manicure-pedicure service, nail enhancement. Let’s take a look at our products for each category!

Nail Polishes:

In regular manicure-pedicure services nail polishes and frequently used products. We use polish colors from OPI, Essie and China Glaze with over 2000 colors, so you will never run out of choices.

Gel Polishes:

With gel polish, we offer over 1200 gel polish colors from Ink, OPI, and Gelish by Harmony, which is known for durability and unchanged color. Your nails will last for the extensive time of at least 2 weeks.

Nail Enhancement Products:

For nail enhancement services, in which nail acrylic and nail glitter are mainly used for creating artificial nails, we use acrylic of Tammy Taylor and CND. With these products, your nails will be protected from the risk of chipping, lifting or changing in color. We also offer over 1000 glitter colors that are uniquely mixed by ourselves. Let’s come to our world of colors and let us color your life, color your nails.
With gel builder, we use LCN and IBD; these two products will make you feel comfortable with their light weight and natural feeling.

Nail Design Products:

To create beautiful and unique designs as you can see in our Nail Art Albums, we use materials such as rhinestone, striping tapes, beads, acrylic paints, chrome powder. Nail designs not only protect and beautify your hands, they are also the perfect make-up choices for special occasions such as Christmas or Halloween parties.


Spa Mani-pedi Choices:

The typical feature of spa manicure-pedicure services lies in the high-quality products that we use. They are organic products not only having natural scents but also containing real organic ingredients. Originating from famous brands Qtica, Keyano Aromatics, OPI, CND, BCL Spa; each kit contains 4 pieces of product to provide relaxing spa services stages of services: massage, hydrating, moisturizing, soaking, exfoliating.


Coming to Envy Nail Spa, you will feel security with our high-quality products and professional services. Find out more about our services and contact us, or call to hotline 609-568-6022 and get in touch with a nail expert who will happily answer all your queries.