Why Us

Why should you choose us?

10 Reasons Why We Are The Best Nail Salon in Egg Harbor Township

Why Us

Have you ever annoyed with noise come from nail drilling machines, pedicure jet pumps, telephone rings and people talking while you are trying to get a relaxing pedicure? Envy has an adequate facility which pedicure and manicure rooms separated by our reception area. This set-up significantly reduces unwanted noise and foot traffic come from not related sources. The decoration style of Envy Nail Spa is elegant and luxurious with 90% made up from custom furniture, create a unique image of Envy-only. Envy is where you truly feel the sense of a nail spa.

At Envy Nail Spa, each manicure table equipped with Odor Control System. It’s a vacuum system installed to absorb nail dust and odor of chemicals used during nail services. This system plays an important part in protecting your health as well as ensuring a comfortable environment.

Come to Envy Nail Spa; you will never run out of color choices. We carry over 2000 gel polish originates from major brands such as Gelish by Harmony, Shellac by CND, OPI & Ink. For regular mani-pedi, we offer over 1000 regular OPI polish to match with any style you like. For acrylic powders, there are over 1000 of glitter colors, flat colors, mood changes colors. For Pink n White lovers, we exclusively mixed between 3 high-end brands to created a blush Pink that can cover the fill lines yet still gives a natural look.

Sanitation is the priority in our services. After used, all tools will go through three cleaning steps: washing – cleaning with alcohol – sterilizing in UV light then kept in a sealed sanitization pouch. Moreover, every manicure/pedicure customer will have a new nail file and buffer. At Envy Nail Spa you can rest assure the sanitation is at its best.

Our skilled nail artists have created over 3,000 nail designs over the last four years. Each design is unique, fashionable and very meticulous as a beautiful decoration on your hands. Come to Envy and you will be amazed while watching a piece of artwork being created by our artists drawing directly on your hand.

Coming to our nail salon, you are served with many choices of complimentary beverages such as coffee, soda, tea, etc. which rarely provided in other salons. You can relax with the favorite drink in your hand and let our artist transform your nail appearance.

Together with complimentary beverages, a high-end audio system with 4 HD flat screen TVs is at work. Envy plays all kinds of Western music, from the Great Old Time to Today’s Modern music. In the weekend, the atmosphere is more exciting with upbeat music. We welcome you to experience the wild side of Envy’s night club.

During the operation time, we have gained customers reliance with over 300,000 fans page. We are also highly rated in other social medias with hundreds of recommendations for the professional environment and high-quality services. Let’s come to experience our manicure and pedicure services, share your thoughts and follow us on Facebook!

We are continuously having promotions for all new and loyal customers. When you first sign up for Envy Nail Spa’s Reward Program, you are offered 10% Discount for your initial service. Afterward, we have Birthday Discount, Gift Cards Discount, Bridal Party Discount throughout the year so almost every time coming to us will be your happy hours.

The real value of Envy Nail Spa seen in all of its components. The reputation of our nail salon gained through our principle of providing top-notch services and putting customers above the benefit of itself. We offer authentic and professional services with the price a little higher than other nail salons. Instead, the service quality is classy, and there will be no more extra charges for callus removal, cut down or nail repair as other salons might have. You will never regret or annoyed as you will get for what you pay.